4 Indoor Wedding Themes Perfect For Filipina June Brides

Imagine having a beautiful outdoor June wedding and then suddenly it rains. Your guests start running around, your bridesmaids have taken shelter somewhere, and you and your husband-to-be are left trying to drag your big, beautiful, and now wet dress to take shelter at the nearest establishment that has a roof.

Not a pretty sight, right?

Unfortunately, that’s what a June bride might have to deal with if she’s having her wedding in the Philippines.

While it is the peak of the summer season, June also tends to be the peak of rainy days and tropical storms in this country. So, if you’re a June bride planning for her perfect June wedding, you might want to considering having it indoors than risk being rained on. Here are some indoor wedding themes perfect for Filipina June brides.

Rustic and Romantic

A rustic theme is a great way to get that outdoorsy feel in for an indoor wedding. Think lots of raw, dark wooden elements mixed with soft, romantic light settings. A touch of greenery here and there could add just the right woodsy vibe as well.

Traditional Filipiniana

Love the look of traditional a Filipino setting? Why not incorporate that into your own wedding? Lay down banig instead of a red carpet for you to walk on, have your flower girl shower the aisle with sampaguita petals and buds, have fairy lights inside mini gaseras light guests’ tables. For your photo booth, why not use something like a big capiz window instead of the usual printed tarp?

An Indoor Beach

Just because you have to have your wedding indoors doesn’t mean you can’t get the beach wedding of your dreams. It’s so easy to get “beach feels” in an indoor wedding. If your DIY-ing it, though, you might want to start early as it might take a while to source your decorations of choice. You might not have sand on your feet, but there’s always your honeymoon for that.

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Going for a more whimsical vibe for your indoor wedding? A midsummer night’s dream is the perfect theme to make your vision of a magical wedding filled with flowers and fairy lights come to life. It’s a great theme to use for late afternoon and evening indoor weddings and it definitely brings that chic, ritzy vibe to your event.

What do you think of indoor June weddings? Would you rather risk it and have an outdoor one, or would you play it safe and opt for an indoor wedding?

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